Sunday, May 29, 2011


I came back to Japan. It was very nice to stay in the UK. I made something I really wanted to do this time. One of my wish was going to Sandwich. Yes! I made sandwich with my friend in the morning and went to Sandwich to eat sandwich in Sandwich!! Truth or not, the village called Sandwich is said that the place where the sandwich was born. Lord Sandwich, John Montagu asked his servant to bring his slice of meat between two sliced breads because he was too busy to eat his meal when he was enjoying the card game. Even without this funny story, this village is pretty enough to visit. There are many historical buildings. Nice riverside walk. Cosy and Beautiful.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beautiful English Style Weekend

The most beautiful village in England, Castle Combe. I stayed in this lovely country side last weekend. Many thanks to the family who invited me staying with them. It was amazing and unforgettable weekend.
I will come back to Japan soon. Time is flying so quickly...

photo: Manor House Hotel, Castle Combe